Town and Sightseeing - The Mortal Instruments RP
As it says.
9/19/2011 14:20:53

I was wading through the crowd of Mundanes along a very busy street. Several times, I got knocked back, and even got pushed over once. Falling to the ground, I began to cry loudly. Mundanes passed by and ignored me. Some even stepped on or over me. I was swamped, and had no way of getting to my feet. Beginning to sob, I tried my hardest to get up, but there were too many Mundanes.
Crying piteously, I tried to crawl out of the way.
Slightly more successful in this endeavor, I managed to crawl out of the way of the hundred of shoes and boots without being stomped on too many times.
The section I had escaped to was still very busy, but nowhere near as awful as it had been elsewhere. My hair had been pulled out and trampled, my hair bow askew, there were patches of dirt and mud and many footprints on my dress, and my arms and legs were battered.
Climbing to my feet, I began to cry again. "Why am I so weak? I can't even keep from being trampled by MUNDANES!" I sobbed pitifully, rubbing my eyes.

9/19/2011 23:23:02

Sobbing softly, I trailed down the street pitifully. I was miserable, but then again I was always miserable. It seemed that no matter how hard I tried, I would never be happy. I was a sorry excuse for a Greater Demon!

9/20/2011 22:58:46

I rubbed at my eyes, trying to stop crying. After a little bit, I succeeded. Still sniffling, I walked on. I'd only just come to London from Finland, and I had to find where the Shadowhunters amassed so I could avoid them. If they found me, I was dead for sure.
I figured I might as well stick to busy streets. No one noticed little blond girls who cried on sidewalks on busy streets. Everyone was too busy to notice me, so I figured I was safe here- at least for now.

9/21/2011 05:06:14

I sensed the occasional weaker demon, and the ever-present aura of Downworlders. Warlocks, werewolves, Fae, and vampires. I could see all the dreams of the people around me. A werewolf passed by me. He dreamed of living a normal life and going back to his family. A vampire walked by and snarled at the werewolf. He dreamed of marrying his beloved.
Both had impossible dreams, but I could grant them relief from the endless desire, the neverending want.
Could I? Could I entrap the two in an endless dream of all they could ever want?
I could. I could do it. I reached out, placing a hand on each. "Be at peace, beloveds." I whispered, my voice taking an ethereal quality; like honey, thick and smooth.
Their faces went blissfully blank as their bodies disappeared and were transported into the plane of dreams and nightmares. I sighed blissfully as their dreams took form in front of their eyes and I began absorbing their joy.

9/21/2011 14:49:21

Somewhat soothed now that I had fed, I continued to walk with purpose. My dress no longer felt quite so heavy, and my feet felt lighter. I had a spring in my step, and I was practically skipping down the street, grinning from ear to ear. Nothing could get me down now- nothing could ruin my happy attitude.

9/22/2011 05:23:07

I would have to find a place to live now. Obviously, I couldn't live at home- that was back in Finland! But where could I go? I had nowhere but Finland... and I couldn't go back there, Shadowhunters had found me and tried to kill me. I was a Greater Demon, after all. Of course they would want to kill me.

Vieno Unelma
9/26/2011 23:12:16

I shivered in the cold London fog and crept down the street. My heeled shoes were loud on the deserted street I'd turned down. Every step I took sounded like the strike of a hammer against the cobblestones and echoed like a gunshot in a cave.
I was frightened. I didn't know where I was, and I was scared. So, so scared. I was but a little dream hiding in the mists. Here one second, gone the next. And I was scared. The fog obscured everything, I couldn't see. I couldn't see. I couldn't see. Where was I?

Vieno Unelma
9/27/2011 03:07:31

A few tears tickled at my eyes, but I pushed them away. I was very, very scared, but I had to be brave. Who knew what lurked in the fog here? I had to hold my own if there was a threat here. I'd heard there were a lot of werewolves and vampires in London at the moment. Any member of either species were likely to try to take advantage of a small and seemingly helpless young girl wandering lost in the fog.
Or worse, a Shadowhunter could find me. And then I would be dead for sure.

Vieno Unelma
9/29/2011 05:19:29

My near-white hair swept forward in a fluid platinum wave as I hung my head and tried to fight the hopelessness. "No, I can't cry, I can't cry! I'm not lost, I'm not!"

9/30/2011 04:41:29

I screamed as a hand closed around my throat. My eyes focused on the Marked visage of a Shadowhunter. He'd found me, whoever he was, and now he was strangling me. "Please... stop..." I gasped. "Please..."

Random Shadowhunter Guy
9/30/2011 04:42:46

"No- why would I do that?" I said. "I'm killing you."

10/1/2011 02:11:32

"Please, don't kill me...! Please, sir, my child...!" I was cut off as his hand tightened around my neck.

Random Shadowhunter Guy
10/1/2011 02:13:21

"So, what? You have a child. That's even more reason to kill you. We don't want more of you here!" I snapped.

10/1/2011 02:16:05

"Please, you don't understand! I'm-" I was cut off again by his hand tightening. All he had to do was squeeze... "Please, sir, I'm pregnant!" I cried.
((Okay, who was expecting that?))

Random Shadowhunter Guy
10/1/2011 06:51:34

"Then I'm definitely going to kill you. What's better than killing two Greater Demons at once?" I laughed. "Or, maybe, I can take you to the Institute, and they can vivisect you!"

10/1/2011 06:53:33

"Please, no! Anything but that!" I begged. "Please!"

Random Shadowhunter Guy
10/3/2011 04:40:51

"Too bad. Guess where you're going?" I grinned nastily.

10/3/2011 12:47:30

"No!" I screamed as he dragged me away. Something hit be on the back of the head, and I passed out.

3/4/2014 23:53:20

As I walk down an abandoned London street, I sense a fellow Greater Demon who seems to be in trouble. I creep up behind her assailant and my hidden stinger comes out, which I use to sting the Shadowhunter through the heart right after i send him to his wildest fantasy, which was to find his dream girl and marry her. I absorbed the last of the joy from him as he died. The Greater Demon was pregnant! I caught her as she fell and quickly carried her to my residence, which I took from a Mundane family after I left them all in their wildest fantasies and took all their joy.

Silver Ravenwolf
3/3/2014 04:53:16

As I stepped off the boat, I surveyed the crowd around me. I saw many Downworlders among the mundanes, the ones with the strange oddities about them. I gazed about the crowd and searched for Jonathan, my British fiancee'. As I looked, my emerald pendant that always hangs around my neck started to throb. A demon was close by. I rubbed my growing belly and said, "Well, my child to come, it's time for your first demon battle."

Randon Demon
3/3/2014 05:00:35

As I gazed through the crowd, looking for the perfect mundane to feed off of, I felt some strange feeling go through my body, like I was being watched by a Shadowhunter. I turned and saw her. Those electric blue eyes... that long golden hair... it CAN'T be her! Not here, not now! Silver Ravenwolf! My nemisis from my last life haunts me now!

Jessalyn Carstairs
3/12/2016 20:19:37

I'm out for my usual night patrol. I'm in light, patrol gear that blends in with the blackness of the night, although there are millions of glittering, vibrant stars above my head. My braid billows behind me in the gentle breeze. There are people laughing and talking, and many of the towering buildings are lighted from the inside with bright lights, and there's a tinge of festivity in the air.
My Parabatai, Callum, is standing next to me.
"Oh cheer up, Jess, you're always too sullen."
I frown as I reply, "We're shadowhunters, when killing and hunting demons, we are sullen."
Callum rolls his eyes, but puts a familiar, gentle arm around my shoulders.
"You know we're just patrolling, right? We're not heading off into battle or anything."


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